Breast Augmentation FAQ

Saline Implants were very popular in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. They were introduced because the old type of Silicone was very runny and could leak out of the implants. Whilst Saline implants are still available they have a problem with  being very cold and with rippling which is always palpable and sometimes visible. The newer gel implants are much less likely to ripple

This is explained in the attached text. Basically, you should have the implants under the muscle if you are very slim. Having the implants placed on top of the muscle is a much more straight forward operation, but can result in a slightly fake, or obvious upper pole and cleavage.

In our experience a natural or subtle look is achieved by placing the implant under the muscle. A tear drop implant gives you a subtle upper pole and softer cleavage, whereas a round implant will give you more upper pole volume.

A natural look is possible with both a round and tear drop implant

You should take a minimum of 10 days off work, ideally two weeks.

You can start gentle walking at 3 weeks. Lower body gym work can be started at 6 weeks and upper body work at 12 weeks. Delay yoga and pilates until 12 weeks especially if you do planking and have a sub-pectoral placement.

You can get  the scars wet at 2 weeks and gentle swimming at 6. Aggressive swimming shouldn’t be undertaken until 12 weeks

BAM can be performed as a day procedure, but we usually keep our patients in hospital overnight so that we can continue IV antibiotics for 24 hours, ensure you are comfortable in the early post operative period and closely monitor your breasts for swelling and bruising

The implant manufacturers will give you a life time guarantee. Whilst this is reasonable we would like to ensure your implants are all OK, and therefore we would recommend an ultrasound or MRI every 10 years. If these scans are ok – there is no need to change them.

This depends on how difficult your augmentation is likely to be. If you have lost a lost of weight, if you have breast fed, or if your breast have dropped or are saggy the operation will be more difficult and you might need a dual plane technique. This means your operation will take longer and this is reflected in the fee the hospital and the anaesthetist charge. If everything is straightforward, the total fee including all hospital anaesthetist and implant fees is $14,500