Gynaecomastia surgery is an operation designed to surgically correct prominent breast tissue in the male breast. ‘Man boobs’ are usually a collection of both breast tissue and fat and can result from either an endocrine abnormality, anabolic steroid use or from a congenital predisposition to developing male breast tissue.

What is involved with gynaecomastia surgery?

Surgery involves being admitted into hospital. Under a general anaesthetic, and following the administration of local anaesthesia, a small incision is made around the inferior aspect of the areola from the 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock position and then, through a combination of direct surgical excision and liposuction, the excess male breast tissue is surgically removed. Two small drains are placed to drain away any fluid. The wounds are sutured using fine dissolving sutures which will dissolve over the next one to two weeks following surgery. A waterproof and sterile dressing is then applied and you are then fitted with an elasticised compression garment which is designed to gently put pressure on your chest and breast area.

  • Following one night’s admission to hospital, you would usually go home the following morning.

Depending on the amount of drainage in the drain tubes during the 24 hours since surgery, you may be required to be discharged with the drain tubes in situ. These are sterile, self-sealing drain tubes which are very safe and provide gentle suction to the area to drain any excess fluid that may collect in the operative site away from the wound.


It is critically important during this period that you allow your body time to rest and heal, and do not participate in heavy lifting, physical activity or return to work which involves manual or excessive physical activity.

Normally you would return to see us at three days following surgery where the drain tubes would be removed and the compressive garment reapplied.

The breast tissue which is removed is sent off and tested for histopathology to ensure that the breast tissue is normal.

It normally takes about four to six weeks before the wound has settled sufficiently to allow you to return to physical activity and six weeks before you are able to return to heavy physical activities such as gym, tennis playing or contact sports such as basketball or football.

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