After Surgery


After your surgical procedure, you will be transferred to the Recovery Area. You may still be under sedation at this stage. It is normal to remain in recovery for around 30-60 minutes until you are stable after waking from the anaesthetic.

It is normal to have some throat discomfort after a general anaesthetic. This will resolve in 24 hrs.

Once you are fully recovered from your anaesthetic, you will then be discharged home if it is a day procedure or taken to the hospital ward if staying overnight.

Discharge & Review Appointment

Prior to discharge, you will be given a Post Operative Bag which will include micropore tape for your scar treatment and a post operative sheet detailing your specific post-operative instructions and follow-up appointment date/time. You will need to attend Prof Mark Ashton’s rooms to be reviewed by the Practice Nurse approximately 7 days after your surgery. Pathology results will be available at this appointment.

    • It is important to note that you must not drive, drink alcohol or operate heavy machinery during the first 24 hours after a general anaesthetic.
    • You must ensure that you have a responsible adult staying with you for the first 24 hours after surgery.

If you have any concerns following your surgery Professor Ashton is available 24 hours a day on his paging service (the mobile number will be provided upon discharge).

Post Operative Information – After Your Surgery

All patients are given a Post – Operative Information Sheet. This sheet explains recommended post-operative care and follow up appointment dates/times.
Information will include details regarding dressings, sutures, pain relief, rest +/ activity, antibiotics, pathology complications and emergency contact numbers.

Post Operative Exercise Information

Exercise after Rhinoplasty

Exercise after Breast Reduction Lift

Exercise after Breast Implant Explant

Exercise after Breast Augmentation

Exercise after Abdominoplasty

If you would like to make an appointment with Prof Mark Ashton to discuss a procedure please call (03) 8560 0590.