8 critical decisions for the ideal outcome

Before your breast augmentation surgery, even if you don’t know it, you will have made a number of decisions that are critically important in determining your post operative result. In all, there are eight individual decisions, all of which directly influence the final appearance of your breast after surgery.

Of the eight decisions, three are particularly important. If you get one of these three decisions wrong, almost invariably you will return seeking corrective or second surgery to reverse your decision. These three are,

    1. whether you choose a teardrop implant or a round implant;
    2. whether you choose to have the implant inserted above or behind the muscle;
    3. the size of the implant.

The other five decisions are less important, in that if you get one of these five decisions wrong, you may not be as happy as you otherwise would be, but it is unlikely that this will lead to you seeking to have your implant surgery revised. These are:

  1. whether you choose to have a textured or a smooth implant;
  2. whether the implant fill is saline or gel,
  3. if it is gel, how cohesive or firm that gel is;
  4. the profile of the implant – is it a low, medium, moderate plus, high or extra high profile;
  5. the incision used to place the implant – whether it is through the armpit, around the nipple or through the inframammary fold;

Before embarking upon your surgery, you should have a clear understanding and an answer to each one of these eight individual decisions. These decisions are not straightforward and it is imperative that you discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of each of the options available to you so that you can be assured that the outcome that you are seeking can be achieved.

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