Jenna Austin

Registered Nurse & Clinical PLASTICS Nurse

Why did you become a nurse?

I always had an interest in the health care industry and nursing seemed to be the best option for me at the time because of the many avenues it offered. I liked the fact there was flexibility with the possibility of working in many different areas


Tell us about your journey so far?

I did my graduate nurse year at the Royal Melbourne Hospital firstly on a medical ward for 6 months and then did 6 months on the Plastics/Trauma/ENT/Head and Neck/OMFS ward which I really enjoyed and sparked my passion for plastics nursing. I spent another 6 years on this ward and during this time worked as a registered nurse and associate nurse unit manager before securing a complex wound care role. During this time I cared for many patients who required extensive reconstructive plastic surgery following trauma or cancer.


What drew you to working with Mark?

Whilst working at the Royal Melbourne I worked closely with Professor Ashton who was head of the plastic surgery unit and learnt more about the reconstructive work he did privately. I was keen to expand my knowledge further into the cosmetic field of plastics and was impressed with the results I had seen him achieve

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