Linda Ferguson

Senior Registered Nurse, Nurse Surgical Assistant & Aesthetics Nurse

Why did you become a nurse?

My mother and aunty were nurses, and growing up with them it was a natural progression to follow them in the nursing profession.  It was a job that enabled me to help people at their most vulnerable, always working within a team and fascinated with ongoing learning within a hospital environment.


Tell us about your journey so far?

I trained at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, followed by nursing in rural South Australia for 2 years.  I then worked in London for 2 years.  I did paediatric plastic nursing in Sydney for 3 years and then worked in Brisbane in gynae/plastics for 4 years.  I also worked at Griffith University teaching undergraduate nurses.


Following that, I worked at Cabrini Hospital in paediatrics plastics theatre and rooms for 2 plastic surgeons.  This led me to working with Mark at Frances Perry House and Royal Women’s Hospital in plastics theatre and rooms.  We have now relocated to our rooms in East Melbourne.


I have also done over 20 voluntary aid trips in the South Pacific region with Interplast Australia working on patients with cleft lip and palette, burns and other deformities.


What is your current role?

Surgical assistant in theatre for Mark Ashton, aesthetics nurse and pre and post op care of our patients.


What drew you to working with Mark?

Mark is without a doubt a very gifted surgeon.  He is technically excellent and his attention to detail stands out.  He is highly ethical in his approach to all aspects of the patient experience.


What is your favourite part of your role?

Without a doubt chatting with the patients, and making sure they are well cared for, their anxiety is alleviated, and they are fully informed before they embark on any procedure.

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