Anti-Wrinkle Injections Melbourne

In essence, these ‘anti-wrinkle’ treatments involves the injection of a diluted sample of substance which works on the neuromuscular junction within specific muscles of your face to paralyse them. The period of this paralysis varies, but is usually between four and six months.

Any muscle within the face can be targeted but the most common muscles are the small muscles of your forehead, your brow and the orbicularis muscle which is responsible for crow’s feet at the outside or lateral part of your eyes.

The recent trend is to move away from the frozen or complete paralysis of the entire forehead to a more generalised weakening so that people are still able to frown and move their forehead for expressions but the muscle is not strong enough to lead to the creation of wrinkles or frown lines.

Small aliquots of the substance are injected into strategic locations within these areas to accurately paralyse the muscles which cause the wrinkles or frown lines.

Because we use extremely fine needles, the procedure is relatively painless and can usually be done here in the office or in a surgical procedure room.

Recovery and Review

Some patients notice that they have a mild swelling or redness in response to the injections, but this usually resolves within 20 minutes to half an hour. Importantly, it takes approximately 10 days to two weeks for the effect of the treatment to become evident.

We would normally recommend that you plan to follow up with a further treatment at four to six months after your first treatment. We know that repeated use of this treatment is a very effective way of weakening these muscles and hence over time less toxin is required to achieve the same effect.

At the two week period, we would normally suggest you return to see us so that we can review and reassess your facial appearance. At that time, if required, you may feel it is worthwhile additionally employing the use of a filler to correct a persistent wrinkle or crease in your face.

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