What Does Downtime And Recovery Look Like After A Procedure?

Oct 15, 2023 | Latest News

What Does Downtime and Recovery Look Like After a Procedure?

Undergoing surgery of any kind is going to require a period of recovery. For some operations, this can be as simple as a week of rest, while others may be more intensive. When patients are considering plastic surgery options, one of the questions we hear most often is about the recovery period. How long will you have to be off work? How much discomfort is expected after your operation? What can I do during the first two weeks?

Continue reading as we break down the post-surgery experience across just a few of our most common surgeries.

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What Happens After Surgery?

The very first step to surgical recovery is to recover from the anaesthesia. Our operations are conducted under general anaesthesia, and therefore you will be transferred directly to the Post Anaesthetic Recovery Unit after your surgery has been completed. Our patients stay in the recovery unit  until they are wide awake, responsive, and feeling comfortable. If you are staying overnight  you will then be transferred to your room on the plastic surgery ward. If you are having a ‘day procedure’ you will be transferred from the recovery unit to the day stay ward until you are ready for discharge.

Before our patients are discharged, they are reviewed by Professor Ashton, to ensure your are fit for discharge and to begin your recovery period at home. At this review Prof  Ashton and one of his nurses will check that all dressings are intact, and that discharge medications are ready to be taken home. Typically, these will include antibiotics and pain medication to make the recovery process a little bit more comfortable.

Heading Home

Once you’re cleared for discharge, it will be time to head home. Setting yourself up for successful recovery is important, so we always recommend that patients organise their required time off work and extra support well ahead of their surgery date. Your specific recovery needs will differ depending on the type of surgery you’re having, this will be discussed at length at your pre-surgical appointment.

As a general rule patients undergoing breast surgeries should take at least two weeks off work, and avoid exercise for up to six weeks. Any duties you take on at work after that should be light and easy on the body. Some of the other postoperative requirements include avoiding tight or restrictive clothing such as bras until the incisions are appropriately healed and have been checked at your postoperative appointment.

Ultimately, everyone’s healing journey is unique and your body will recover in its own time. Your surgical team is there to provide a tailored recovery plan, individualised advice, and ongoing support to help you manage any concerns you may have whilst healing.

Further Recovery Information

Every patient is unique, and every surgery comes with its own hurdles. Realistically, we can’t break down what downtime and recovery will look like for every single person undergoing surgery. Professor Ashton and his nursing team will provide crucial support during your recovery process. Before your surgery, you will receive detailed guidance on how to approach your recovery period.

At Ashton Plastic Surgery, we take care to give patients a full overview of their post-procedure expectations, and we provide information bags to take home, which will contain the following:

  • After-hours details for any extra support
  • Recommendations for rest and recovery
  • Dates and times for your follow-up appointments with the nursing team and Prof. Ashton

It’s imperative that you know what to expect before you have your surgery. You must ask lots of questions, and inform your surgeon of any personal needs and medical history to be able to equip yourself with all you’ll need post-surgery; pre-surgery! The team at Ashton Plastic Surgery will  monitor your recovery progress to make sure everything is going to plan. No two patients have the same recovery experience.

Contact Professor Mark Ashton for Personalised Surgery Advice

The only person who can give you comprehensive insight into your surgery is, of course, your surgeon. If you are looking for a Melbourne based plastic surgeon, Professor Ashton is available to help with your surgical journey starting with a face-to-face consultation.

Professor Ashton and his team  offer a range of plastic surgery options, and they take care to thoroughly inform every patient of the possible surgical options available to them. This consultation process ensures each patient is informed of the potential risks and outcome expectations, and detailed instructions on how to best rest and recover post-surgery.

To discuss your surgery needs and have your questions answered, contact Ashton Plastic Surgery today.

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